Established in 1997, Dave’s Cosmic Subs has become a legend here in Northeast Ohio.  A legend that is spreading at “Cosmic” speed across the state and beyond.  What started out as a humble sub shop in Chagrin Falls is now revolutionizing the sub world.  Dave’s Cosmic Subs is not your typical “Establishment” sub shop.

“I wanted to make the best sub on earth,” says David

Lombardy, as he recollects the journey of the brand.

“In addition I wanted my passion for music and the spirit of the 1960’s to radiate from my stores.  I wanted my customers and guests to be totally immersed from the moment they walked in” added Dave.

Cosmic Dave’s is a far out experience of Sight, Sound and Taste!

dave’s Cosmic sub culture



Far out!
Whatever you want to call it, Dave just wants you to try one of his masterpieces and say, “Now that is one cool sub!”
One taste sends your mouth on a cosmic journey of pure bliss. But don’t take our word for it.  Check our our Recognition link.Recognition/Recognition.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0

David Lombardy, aka “Cosmic Dave”

President and CEO

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